Sell rolling mill production line

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I, Ability of Undertaking processing

1. Ability of machine processing

The way of processing: the max processing equipment and prcessing ability.

Steel casting: 20 tons arc-furnace steelmaking, 40Tlf refiner furnace; the max elevating capacity 125t; the max casting products 80t, dimension of casting products(length, width, high) 8.5W4.5W3m, spun casting(min outer diameter, min wall thickness, max length) ∮1000W15W4000mm; Various specification steel strands.

Casting iron: 7.5t/h blast cupola, 7.5t main frequency furnace, max casting product is 32t.

Casting copper: 2.5t reverberatory furnace, 1.5t main frequency furnace, 1t vacuum-induction furnace, 0.2t vacuum casting plant, max casting product is 2.5t

Forging: 2500t water press, 1.5t air hammer, max forging steel ingot: length is 30t, thickness is 17t

Rivet welding: 80W5000mm folder, 1200t oil press, 12t edge planner, 6W20m-250mm digital controlled cutting, ∮70mm didital controlled pipe bender, max elevating capacity is 160t

2. Heating treatment:

13000W6500W2580mm annealing furnace(max furnace is 120t, the high temperature is 11500C) , 6200W2300W1500mm hardening furnace, ∮1100W5000mm line-frequency hardening machine tool.

Lathe: ∮10m vertical lathe, ∮150mm heavy machine vertical lathe

Boring machine:∮250mm∮150mm heavy machine vertical lathe

Shaper: 4000W1250W1250

Planing machine: 15W3m planer

Grinding machine: ∮800W4500mm cylindrical grinder, 500W4000mm surface grinder.

Drilling: 10m drilling

II, steel rolling machine

equipment style main productions

#650 production line I-bar, Angle-bar, U-bar, H-bar etc.

#500 production line I-bar, Angle-bar, U-bar, H-bar etc

#450 production line I-bar, Angle-bar, U-bar, H-bar etc

#350 production line I-bar, Angle-bar, U-bar, round bar, deformed bar etc.

#280 production line round bar, deformed bar

#250 production line round bar, deformed bar

III, the way of the cooperation

Our company not only can supply the equipment of the steel rolling , but also can design it , equip the equipment, and produce under the order . we have only one mission that is make the consumer be satisfied .