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Billet from continuous caster will be stored at stockyard or directly sent into the heating furnace in rolling line for heating, then sent by roll tables to roll mill trains for rolling and shaping, then finished products can be obtained after cooling.

Roll mill units include rod mill, coil rod mill and shaped steel production line.

Specifications of rolls in roll mills includeh280mm, h325mm, h365mm, h430mm and h520mm.

Rod mill can produce straight screw steel bar and straight smooth bar with finished products specificationsh10mm-h25mm. The rolling speed is capable of up to 10m/s.

Coil rod mill can produce screw coiled bar (screw coiled rod) and smooth coiled bar (screw coiled rod) with finished products specificationsh5.5mm-h10mm. Rolling speed: 16m/s for common production line and 40m/s for high speed production line.

Shaped steel production line can produce channel steel, angled iron, strip steel, H shaped steel, double T steel and etc.