Sell rooting powder

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The product contains two kinds. One kind can dissolve all in the water which is brown yellow powder, and the other can not dissolve that is white powder. They can be used conveniently, safely and broadly. Applied them can take roots effectively when many kinds of plants, such as fruit trees, saplings and flowers etc, are inarched or transplanted.
Applied way
Directly dipping : Firstly, make the inarched tress cut into 20 to 30 centimeters length and packing a handful; Secondly, make tresses base wet for 2 to 3 centimeters and air slightly; Finally, put the tress into Root taking powder and dip, as long as the cuts adhere to a little powder, they can be used for cuttage.
Soaking: Firstly, dilute the dissolvable powder to 10 to 20 times; Secondly, Make the inarched tress cut into 20 to 30 centimeters length, then make the cut base of 2 to 3 centimeters soak in the liquid for seconds and take out to air; Finally, you can just use cottage. If you adopt the way of soaking slowly, you should dilute one hundred to two hundred times. Use for cuttage after letting the tresses soak for twelve to twenty four hours. Regarding to the plant rooted uneasily, we can decrease diluted times and prolong soaked time. This way is only suitable to the brown yellow root taking powder.
Transplant the sapling: After transplant, use diluted 800 to 1000 times solution to irrigate the round of root once every three or five days, continuously three or five times. It can be watered more or less in terms of the detailed weather, that is the best to protect soil wettish.
Applied the products can improve the survived rate of transplant, active plant growth and strengthen the abilities of resisting disease and drought. Above ways can be used for big trees transplant, gardens, virescences and conservation.