Sell rotary potentiometers, potentiometers(9mm,11mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,17mm,24mm)

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Mechanical characteristics:
Total rotation angle:30001100
Rotation torque: 5~25mN. m
Shaft stop strength: 0.4Kgf. cm
Switch working angle/torque:5~30mN. m
Click position: 0/32/40detent

Electrical characteristics
Total resistance: 5Kohm ~500K ohm
Resistance taper: A, B, C
Switch rating : DC 16V 1A
Switch contact resistance: less than 50m ohm
Rated voltage: 50V AC

Resistance tolerance: 120%
Rotational noise:<=47mV
Residual resistance: R>=250Kohm 0.1% max. of total resistance
250Kohm>R> 10Kohm 20ohm max
Tracking error : 0~-40dB 13dB
Rated wattage: 0.05W
Max, operating voltage: B:50VAC other than B:25V
Insulation resistance: More than 100Mohm at DC 250V
Tracking error: B 0~-20dB 12dB A C D 0~-40dB 13dB
Dielectric: AC300V,1minute
Durability: 10000 cycles

We have got the ISO90001 and SGS certificate, and we're applying for CE
and UL. The max. life is 500,000 turns. We can also make the products as
per customer's requirements.

The carbon potentiometers are widely use for car sounds, communication
appliances, house cinema systems, televisions, CDs, DVDs, PC displays,
PC videos, PC multi-media speakers, earphones, electric toys, lamps and