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ZB3A Type Rotor Pump(Cam Pump)

Working principle sketch map

 All the parts that will have contact with the media( material) are made of stainless steel( SUS304, AIS316, 316L) and are in accordance with hygienic standards
 It is suitable for transporting medium (material) with high viscosity, concentration, or any grains.
 Suitable temperature: -300 to +1800
 High pressure, long distance and high resistance quantitative transmission adopted.
 Low turning speed, usually between 200rpm to 600rpm, the media transmitted by it will keep the original quality and no physical of chemical reaction will take place
 Never contact so there will be no wearing for long time use, stable operation and low noise.
 Easy to set up and dismantle, easy to scour and keep clean and hygienic.

Sketch of rotor installation

SS Rotor Pump(Cam Rotor)

The ZB3A type stainless steel rotor pumps rely on the suction (vacuum) at the inlet from two synchronous rotors turning in opposite direction to suck in the material to be transmitted. The two rotors divided the rotor room to several small spaces and run in the turn of ABCD. When they run to A, only space I is full of media, when they run to B, there are some media blocked in A, when they run to C, there are some media blocked in A, and when they run to D, space A and space B are connected with space II, the media is transmitted to the outlet.

For perfect result, the following should be considered when selecting the pump:
1, The name of the media or liquid transmitted
2, The stickiness and the temperature of the media
3, The lift, pressure and flow to be transmitted
4, The quantity and size of granules in the media
5, The connecting type ( wedged, screwed or flan-ged)

SS Rotor Pump(Cam Pump)

Drive selection
1, Motor & fixed rate speed reducer: this drive is simple and easy, the turning speed of the rotors are fixed and the flow can not be adjusted.
2, Motor & mechanical friction stepless transmission: the speed changing are realized manually in this type with the characteristics of safe, reliable, big torque, the flow can be adjusted steplessly.
3, Frequency conversion motor and frequency converter : automatic adjustment of speed is available for flow stepless adjustment. Its advantages include highly automatic, big torque ad low speed. The shortcoming is high price for frequency converter. Consumer's manual should be referred to for operating and maintain.
ZB3A type stainless steel rotor pump parameter

 The data here are obtained when media is water.
 Speed reducer and frequency converter changes the speed, the scope is between 200 to 900.
 Transmitting high sticky material. The power must increase.
 For medium with poor fluidity, a thruster matching with flux at entrance is suggested.
 There will be no notification if there should be some changes, the correct parameter are in according to the goods

Scope of application

Dairy products: yoghurt, fresh milk, ice cream, cheese and etc.
Beverage: beer, malt liquor, yeast, carbonated drinks, fruit condensed liquids, fruit juice drinks.
Foodstuff: tomato jam, fruit mash, vegetable mash, budding, jam, jelly, sauces, fruit stuffing, sweetening, yeast mash, salad dressing, pastry, meat mash, minced meat, cooking oil and net oil.
Sweets: syrup, thin cream stuffing, chocolate.
Cosmetics: facial creams, bathing fluids, hair styling flues, hair-dying material, essence oil
Pharmacy: pill paste, soak cream, emulsification fluid, electuary.
Chemical: fat, dissolvent, resin,
Supply Capacity
10000 for one year
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7 days
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1 unit
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T/T,L/C etc.
Warranty Coverage
1 year