One Time Sell round sling

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Round sling can be loaded up to 300 tons, effective length is eighty metres, safety factor generally adopts 6:1 and 7:1, it is made from tensile polyester industrial filament, inner loading core forms circular shape in endless rounding, outer thimble made from 100% polyester does not assume weight and protects the inner loading core.
Round sling is preeminent in performance, when lifting, outer thimble does not assume weight, only play a role in protection. When it is used, it will get flat shape integrating with the inner loading core, and provides safe and loading hold and abrasion resitstance strength, and prolong the tenure. Moreover, it is only amountss to 20% or so of weigth of other paramount chain when it compares with them. In addition, round sling is not affected by ordinary acid and hot bleaching agent, but it is not fit for use under the environment of condense sulphuric acid, alkali and outside the temperature of -400 - 1000.