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One of the most popular and elegant marbles found all around the world is Royal botticino which is called Dehbid marbly in Iran's internal market and Sana in Far east countries.
Royal Botticino is found in 9 different patterns and colors. The main effective factor on their naming is light flourish patern of each one which also determines their value and price too.
The patterns are:
1) Silky 2) Cloudy 3) Blossom 4) Isles 5) Lilac 6) Venus 7) Wavy 8) Moonlight 9) Sunny
Analysis and phisycal specifications of Royal botticino are as following:
For 1-7 patterns:
Compressive strength: 155.5Mpa
Water absorption: 0.15%
For8-9 Patterns:
Compressive strength: 115.2Mpa
Water absorption: 0.14%
As It's evident It has high compressive strength which makes it very endurable but beside its high strength since it easily can be lathed and carved it is great choice for exquisite handmades and sculptures and it easily accepts shape without any rupture or crack.
Another important factor of Royal Botticinois its low water absorption which is an important factor for indoor application and paving reasons and with accounting its beauty , strength, . . it's the first choice for most of applications specially indoor and paving.
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