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Royal Jelly is high in essential nutrients and is taken widely to promote energy and boost the immune system.
The medical community man has shown much interest in this royal jelly, regarding it as the elixir or crown jewel of the beehive. Various studies have been performed to try to establish its nutritional content and the effect of its nutrients on man.

How is Royal Jelly Processed for Human Consumption? 
it is a liquid containing approximately 67% water, and as such is prone to contamination once it is removed from the sterile environment of the beehive, so once removed from the hive it must be processed quickly to prevent contamination, ideally within two or three hours. It can generally be processed in one or a combination of the following steps:
 Treating the product with a chemical preservative.
 Lyophilizing the product (removing the water, often termed freeze-drying)
 Adding a natural preservative like honey.
 Freezing the substance or attempting to maintain it in a refrigerated state.
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