Sell rubber accelerator&rubber activator DM(MBTS)

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Chemical Name: Dibenzothiazole disulfide
Structural Formular
CAS NO: 120-78-5

Properties: A little bitter taste. Specific gravity: 1.50--1.59. Soluble in chloroform, toluene, benzene, carbon tetrachloride. Insoluble in water and ethyl alcohol.

Application: Given flat, moderately fast cures in NR and SR. Also used in a wide range of general purpose rubber. Non-staining/non-discolouring in "white" socks; use as a plasticiser and/or retarder in polychloroprene rubber. Secondary acceleration is usually required for synthetic polymers. Better scorch safety than Willing MBT.
Supply Capacity
500MT Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment