Sell rubber accelerator&rubber activator DZ(DCBS)

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Chemical name: N, N'-Dicyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole-2-sulfenamide
Moleculor Formula: C19H26N2S2
Molecular Weight: 346.58
CAS NO. : 4979-32-2

Properties: Without foul odour, but with bitter taste, easily soluble in benzene, methylene chloride and carbon tetrachloride, soluble in ethyl acetate, ethanol , acetone and gasoline , insoluble in water.
Application: The product posses the best scorching quality of sulfenamide type accelerators. Its scorching quality in natural rubber is better than DIBS, the operating safety is much better. Mainly used in manufacture of tires, rubber belts and shock absorber.
Supply Capacity
800MT Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment