Sell rubber accelerator: NOBS (MBS, MOR, OBTS)

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Specifications (Grade I - Grade II) :
1) Molecular weight: 253.35
2) Standard: GB8829-1988
3) Appearance: light yellow or orange yellow granule
4) Initial melting point 800C, 780C
5) Heating loss: 0.50% max. , 0.50% max.
6) Ash: 0.30% max. , 0.40% max.

1) A little ammonia odor, nontoxic
2) Specific gravity: 1.34 - 1.40
3) Soluble in benzene, ethyl acetate, and methyl alcohol
4) Easily soluble in acetone, methylbenzene, and carbon tetrachloride
5) Slightly soluble in ethanol
6) Insoluble in water, dilute acid and dilute alkali

Application: an excellent aftereffect accelerator, mainly used in the manufacture of tires, and those pressed products of thick section, rubber footwear and hoses. Especially suitable for synthetic rubber mixed with fine furnace carbon black.

Storage: keep in a low temperature off heat and moisture to avoid degradation reaction. The storage life is recommended not to exceed 6 months under normal conditions.

25kg/woven bag lined with polyethylene