Sell rubber accelerator

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we sell rubber accelerators like MBT(M) , MBTS(DM) , ZMBT(MZ) , NS(TBBS) , CBS(CZ) , NOBS, DOTG, DPG(D) , TMTD, DPTT(TRA) , PZ(ZDMC) , ZDC(ZDECC, EZ) , ZDBC(BZ) , NZ-22(ETU) , RD(TMQ) ,4020, PVI, DCP, DTDM and so on. All the products we provide are of sound quality and good reputation as a result of our strict controlling of quality.
These products can be used in producng rubber tyers or things like that to improve their properties, for example, to improve strength, flexcibility, and time of anti-oxydation so to longer its using time