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Aluminate coupling agent F-1
Product Instruction

Product Instruction
These products are nontoxic, odorless, color white, big adaptation temperature(80 to 230) , stable quality, wide area application, less dosage and used convenience. Through them dealing with various fillers which are not only change surface characteristics and broken particles secondary structure, but also increased filler content and improve processing performance, and products improve yield and quality. Therefore users can lower production costs and get direct econo-mic benefits.
Chemical structure
Aluminium ester and a small amount of lubricant.
Quality standard
Appearance: white or translucent waxy solid Melting point:60~70
Lower viscosity:>=98% Degree of activity: >=96%
Volatile component:<=0.15 Impurity:<=1
Thermal decomposition temperature:310 Toxicity:LD50>3200mg/kg
l Varieties of PVC filler surface modification.
l PE, PM and PP masterbatch.
l Rubber and varieties plastic filler surface modification.
l Plastic-rubber blends materials
l Wood-plastic.
l Varieties organic and inorganic fillers, pigments surface modification.
Usage and dosage
l Pretreatment method:Coupling agent of measurement are inbatches or groups into the high-speed mixer, after fillers dry and preheating temperature,110 to 130, and remo-ve moistrue. T-hen, speed mixer about 5min and rapid cooling.
l Direct method:Coupling agent which can put into high-speed mixer directly, if fillers water less than 0.5%. Filler, coupling agent and small amount of plasticizer be injected first, and then inject other component, and mixer in accordance with technology.
l Other usage: According to the actual situation, usager can inject solvent and other aids are used.
Model, application, characteristics, scope, reference dosage
Model Application characeristics Scope Reference dosage
F-1 High white and thermal, stability, good
Lubrication PVC, PE, PP, ABS, WPC etc. 0.5-1.3%
1. Our factory production aluminate coupling agent can be generic, howerver, each targeted.
2. The dosage of coupling agent is not only depend on models and manufactured materials, but also important of filler surface characteristics. For example, surface polarity, specific surface area and mositure content.
3. Generally speaking, products which are high strength, large specific surface area, strong surface polarity and high mositure content can be into more coupling agent. For example, black aluminum hydroxide is into them 1.2-2%; Fillers used in injection molding or extrusion of hard and soft products can be into them 0.8-1.2%.
4. Use our aluminate coupling agent when not to exceed 1.3%, if users used in plastic filler products. (can not stearic acid)
5. Filler masterbatch for PE in the use of our aluminate coupling agent 1% without using stearic acid.
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light yellow
0.058 CBM
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