Sell rubber antioxidant 6PPD chelate

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Product Name: 6PPD chelate
Specification for 6PPD chelate:
Appearance: grey-purple to brown-purple powder
Initial melting point, 45.0 min
Heating loss, 0.50% max
Oxide Content (after ignition) , 16.8% max
Main descriptions: The 6PPD chelate is a high effective antioxidant, widely used in natural and synthetic rubber. The 6PPD chelate has the similar performance to traditional antioxidant 6PPD. The 6PPD chelate reserves the fine performance of traditional antioxidant 6PPD. It is made through special complexation technics by using organic salt. The molecular weight increased by complexing couples of molecules together so that the melting process is prolonged. Thus the agglomeration in hot temperature is effectively improved. The 6PPD chelate is more convenient for transporting and using because it wont melt to liquid especially in hot summer. This improved antioxidant 6PPD can be used the same way like the traditional antioxidant 6PPD. Generally the 6PPD chelate can be used in tires, rubber footwear, cables, conveyer belt and other applications.
Package: 25kg each, knitted/kraft bag outside and plastic bag inside
Main rubber additives: IPPD, 6PPD, TMQ, PAN, PBN, BLE, MBPC/2246, DOTG, TBBS, CBS, 2000, Si69
Place of origin: China

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