Sell rubber process oil

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We are pleased to inform you that our rubber process oil is ready to be offered to you with the best and most competitive price We would be grateful if you send your inquiry and we warrant fulfilling your needs as soon as possible Please let us have your order as soon as possible since supplies are limited. Specification:
RPO(sepahn refinery) -KIN. VIS. @100C(min) :28-FLASH POINT C (MIN) : 220-245/POUR POINT C (MAX) : 24/SPGR @ 60/60 F (APP. ) :1/ASPHALTENES WT %( MAX) :0.02/WATER. CONTVOL %( MAX) : 0.02/COLOR (MAX) : >8/VISCOSITY: 0.990-1.060/Packing: second hand drum