Sell rubber sheet series

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Rubber sheet series
Main feature:
1. Performance:with middle pressure, work in the -30~70:C surroundings, with the features of water-proof , anti-shock and sealing;
2. Usage:according to the requirement of technical parameters; which can, seals and the decoration and pavement of ground;
3. Luster:black, mild white, grey, red, green, blue, etc;
Particular description
Characteristic: Environmetn protection, prevent slipping, fire retardant, noise deaden, wear resistant, elastic, corrosion resistance, prevent the buildup of the static electric, easy to clean
Application:It's extensive used in hotel, office, hospital, super market, departure lounge, elder living spot, school, gymnasium, stadium, shipping company, machine room, laboratory, medecine factory, undergroud station, kindergarton, clubs, exhibition hall, and other special spot.