Sell rubber sheeting

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100% high quality non porous rubber mat.
Provides more horse & cows comfort.
Reduces bedding costs for long-term cost savings.
Embossed top surface provides traction and reduce injuring.
EInsulates against cold and damp.
Grooved underside for effective drainage.
Also suitable for horsebox floors and ramps.
Designed to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear.
Easy to clean and install
Thickness from 8mm to 25mm
Width from5300mm to 2000mm
Length from 1m to 50m
Color available in black
With insert 1 PLY or EP100 or EP200 accept
Back surface fine ribbed, wide ribbed, smooth or cloth wove accept
Technical data of Conet Viton Rubber sheets
1. Color: Black mostly
2. Size: flat board (300 300mm, thickness 1-25mm)
reel board (width 200mm, thickness 1-25mm)
rubber sheets(Thickness 1-30mm, width 500-2000mm, Length: 5-20m)
Size can cut according to customers� � requirements
3. Tensile strength: 1200 PSI or 8 MPA
4. specific gravity: 2.0+/-0.05g/cm3 and 1.8+/-0.05g/cm3
5. Hardness: 70+/-5 SHA & 80+/-5SHA
6. Elongation: 250%
7. Surface: smooth