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Sachet production started during the Warring States period, and became a product for women and a beauty accessory. In Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty, sachets became a symbol of love. Nowadays, sachets are used as gifts for Dragon Boat Festival as blessings to avoid dangers.
Since the Qing Dynasty, the main designs on the sachets have been flowers and animals expressing feelings and dreams. For example, double fish, double butterfly and dragon symbolize falling in love, sex and procreate; lotus, peony represent woman; magpie sitting on the prunnus mume tree and bee collecting the honey metaphor the industrious man; pine and red-crowned crane symbolize longevity; guava means giving birth to many children.
There are 34 kinds of sachets in our company, it is filled with all kinds of dry flowers, and is suitable for using in the shoes, bags, office, cars etc.
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