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Details: Arland Safety Products is a China safety helmet / hard hat manufacturer/ supplier/ vendor/ exporter. Safety helmets is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or ABS as raw material. Wearing a safety helmet on a construction site or other workplace may prevent or lessen a head injury from falling objects or a person hitting their head against something. Injuries to the head are very serious so use your head and wear your hard hat. Accessroy slot for use of ear muff, face shield visor and head lamp are available. Arland provides a balanced helmet designed for full shift wearing such as general safety helmet, V-Guard safety helmet, earmuff mounted safety helmet, etc.

Arland has developed a full line of industrial safety products including industrial work glove, safety helmet / hard hat, safety goggle & glasses, face shield, ear muff, ear plug, etc. Our price is very competitive. We would like to be your most favorable china source of industrial supplies.

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