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It is a super suitcase for security with various functions, such as special anti-theft & anti-robbery with high voltage shock covering the surface overall, it is widely used for caring and storing cash, confidential documents and valuables.
1 It can emit high-voltage pulse electric shock from all direction of the surface for protection, The high-voltage pulse output power voltage exceeds 30 kV.
2 It has the function of remote radio control. You can turn on or off the switch at random by radio control remotely. the customer can choose the most effective and safe function for defensive when fall in dangerous.
3 It has the functions of anti-loss-proof, theft-proof and anti-robbery.

Technical Specification
 Anti-losing (loss-proof) effect distance 3~15M
 Anti-robbing (robbery-proof) longest effective distance: 50m
 Electric shock high voltage pulse power supply>30KV
 Alarm sound level>85dB
 Power supply:
Transmitting remote box: 1 type 23A/27A battery with 12V voltage
Alarm electric shock device: 6 size-2(type C) super alkaline batteries with 7.2-9V voltage, or 6 size-2(type C) chargeable batteries.
 Case Body
The case body is a special code file-case, covered with PVC or leather material and equipped with double code locks.
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