Sell safflower oil

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We are one of the biggest manufacturers of special type plant oil in China. We specialize in safflower oil. We can supply high quality safflower oil with best price! Safflower Oil contains over 83% sub-oleic acid and over 90% unsaturated fatty acid. Sub-oleic acid - which can't be produced in the human body - is vital to people, it is well known as a good medicine for healing arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weak heart and brain blood vessels. It is refined from plants, making it much better than chemical medicine. Sub-oleic acid can prevent skin diseases such as dry skin, thickened skin, fertility problems, organ damage (especially kidneys) and developmental slowness. Sub-oleic acid can adjust the metabolism related to liver cancer. Fetus growth can be delayed and pregnant women can have bile problems if there is a lack of sub-oleic acid.