Sell sample style electronic expansion valve

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The simple type electronic expansion valve is mainly applied in household frequency conversion AC system to control of refrigerant flow rate automatically , thus make air-conditioning system to work in the best situation and to realize fast freezing, temperature controlling and power saving. The valve has the advantages of two-way reverse , small size, advanced structure , stable performance and smart appearance.

Working conditions:
1. Environmental temperature: -300~+600
(electrify rate is less than 50%)
2. Medium temperature: -300~+700
(electrify rate is less than 50%)
3. Environmental humidity: Less than 95%RH (Minimum)
4. Suitable medium: R22 R407C R410a
5. Voltage: DC12V110%
6. Way of excitation: 12 phase excitation , 4 phases 8 bat stepped motor, direct action
7. medium flow direction: Positive and reverse
8. installation: coil up-side, valve body upright