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TAR O MAR Home-Use Insecticide

TAR O MAR Insecticide is the most advanced environment-friendly and wide-spectrum insecticide in the 21st century produced with ingredients exclusively extracted from plants and state-of-the-art biological engineering technology introduced from Europe. Being free from odor, pollution and side effect on human beings and domestic animals, the product can maintain its effect for at least seven days after application. As the most advanced environment-friendly and wide-spectrum insecticide in the 21st century, the product can be used extensively at homes, hotels, aircrafts, trains, cars, libraries and foodstuff warehouses.
1. The product is an aqueous solution that can be sprayed in all directions without any side effect on human beings. For home use, it can be directly sprayed on pest-infested places such as kitchens, screen windows and food cabinets.
2. The product can be sprayed on clothes and blankets directly without leaving any stain. Clothes should dry up before they are put away. A spray on calligraphy and painting can achieve desirable moth-proofing effect without negatively affecting the colors;
3. Use the product once a week to keep your home free from pests and in good sanitary conditions;
4. Spray the product on exposed parts of your body when traveling to prevent pest bites.
Points for attention:
1. Put the bottle upside down and shake well before use;
2. Keep the product away from heat; Keep the product from being washed away in
places of application;
3. Dont spray on cold-blooded animals that are not intended for killing, such as silkworms and fish, etc.