Sell sanshoamides (Sanshool)

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The dry peel of rutaceae plants pharmcological Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Maxim, which is a Basia from Hancheng, Shannxi.
After low-temperature technology, qualified prickly ash should be extracted by supercritical CO2, finally with our own interlletual property technical separation process, the production is gotted.
With the main conponient---Sanschool, Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Maxim is teasted Ma. Sanschool has a variety of physiological functions, such as anesthesia, excited, antibacterial, sterilization and analgesic.
Sanschool contains mostly alpha-sanshool, (Alpha)-(Beta) salamander - sanshool (Beta) - salamander - γ - sanshoo (Alpha) - sanshoamide (Alpha) - lactamase salamander lactam other ingredients. Sanschool mainly consists of chain unsaturated fatty acid amide, wich is white crystals.
Sanschool is mainly used in the food additives, topical drugs, cosmetics and so on.
Molecular formula C16H25NO
Molecular weight 247.37
CAS No. 504-97-2
Chemical name alpha-sanshool; beta-sanshool; gamma-sanshool
Detection 254 nm Sanschool-detection of absorbance
Sanshoamides >=15%
Appearance deep yellow-green or tan liquid, with the unique aroma and Ma flavor.
Packaging 1kg and 10kg; Closed-preservation at room temperature, Frozen will be better.