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Our sapphire substrate can be used as the substrate for the growth of III-V compounds such as GAN for LED's.

Crystal materials: 99,996% of Al2O3, High Purity, Monocrystalline, Al2O3

Crystal quality: Block marks, twins, Color, micro-bubbles and dispersal centers are non-existent

Diameter: 2inch-7inch

Thickness: 250115 5m, 330115 5m, 430115 5m, 500115 5m, 550115 5m, 600115 5m

Orientation: C-plane(0001) , M-plane, A-plane, R-plane

Primary flat Orientation: A-plane (1 1-2 0) 1 0.20

Primary flat length: 16.010.8 mm, 22.011.0mm, 32.511.5mm

TTV<=10 5m , <=155m, <=205m , <=305m

LTV<=10 5m , <=155m, <=205m , <=305m

TIR<=10 5m , <=155m, <=205m , <=305m

BOW<=10 5m , <=155m, <=205m , <=305m

Warp<=10 5m , <=155m, <=205m , <=305m

Front Surface: Epi-polished, Ra< 0.2nm (By AFM)

Back Surface: Fine ground (Ra=0.5 to 1.2 5m) or Epi-polished (Ra< 0.2 nm)

Cleaning/packaging: Class 100 clean room cleaning, vacuum packaging derived nitrogen; 25 pieces in one cassette packaging or individual packaging.

Note: The sapphire substrate can be provided according to your specific requirements.

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Supply Capacity
25,000pcs per month
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