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Duralumin training katana
Features: 1. all length including sheath; 102cm 2. length of blade; 60cm 3. Handle; 28cm 4. material 1) blade; duralumin 2) sheath; Hardwood This katana non-sharp, commonly use for training, The total weight about 720kg, The scabb....
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Hand made Ryumon Raijin Katana
Wood Box Packing with Certificate Hand Forged High carton steel & Folded steel Full Tang Fully Functional Sharp Samurai Sword BRAND NEW 42" Overall. 28" Blade. 11 7/8" Handle. The Ryumon Raijin Katana has a forged and folded AI....
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This katana has a hand forged , and it is folded with high carbon steel blade. True hamon created with traditional Japanese clay temper technique. Authentic top grade ray skin wrapped handle. Akagane (red copper) tsuba. High gloss lacquered scabbard ....
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handmade samurai swords
Product Description Handmade Samurai Sword, modeled in the name of Date Masamune (a great ruler and swordsman in ancient Japan) is truly a remarkable katana. This is no wall hanger or cheap display, but a finely crafted high quality sword. The blade....

health care products
1. Applicable for head cervix ache: Trigeminal ached Toothache Headache Stiff neck Temporal jaw joint colligate illness Neck vertebra illness (nerves base type) 2. Applicable for tr....
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Dueling Sword W/ Scabbard (26.5")
Packing: Each in PBH, 72pcs/ctn Carton Size: 0.187 cbm Model No: COM_313S
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Wallace Sword
Stunning Scottish broadsword similar to that of the famed William Wallace. At a massive 51.2' Overall with a 27.7' stainless steel blade. Brown leather wrapped handle with silver cross guard and crown pommel, with brown leather scabbard.
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Handmade katana
This handmade katana is 104cm overall. Made of high carbon steel with a leather wrapped handle and cotton ito. Comes with a wooden scabbard, cloth carrying cleaning kit. Comes in a decorative gift box. The blade material can change by different steel....

Green Destiny Sword
37.75' Overall with a 28.75' unsharpened stainless blade with decorative etch. Cast metal handle with simulated wood finish. black silver finish sculptured cast metal guard and pommel. Giant yellow tassles, metal scabbard with simulated wood grain fi....
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Contains one 38' Katana with a 27' blade, a 29' Waikizashi with an 19' blade and a 19' Tanto with an 11.75' blade. All have a stainless steel blade with simulated temper line, blue/gold cord wrapped handle and gold/blue coloured cast metal tsuba and ....
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