Buy scented stationery

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1. ) stationery set for children that is scented. The attached photos should explain it all.
2. ) The scent is what ever you have available. You tell me the scents possible.
3. ) The letter paper is 4 color printing
4. ) Printed with my own design, I will supply the design.
5. ) I would like envelopes to match the letter paper in 4 color printing and maybe even some small stickers to put in the set. It will be a stationery set.
6. ) The set can be 10 sheets of letter paper and 10 envelopes and (if you have it, 10 stickers) . If you do not have the stickers, that is OK (it is not essential) .
7. ) The letter paper will be 9 inches x6.5 inches and the envelope with be a size to fit the paper folded.
8. ) The set will be in a plastic wrap or a polybag, gift box or folder
9. ) I will need 1,000 sets of stationery.

Thanks very much.
Allie, Inc
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