Buy scented stickers or scratch and sniff stickers

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Hello. I am trying to locate a company that knows how to manufacture "scratch and sniff stickers".
This is a sticker that you scratch with your fingernail to release the scent and then smell with your nose. The fragrances are like chocolate, rose, strawberry etc.
I am not interested in stickers that have the fragrance oil put into the ink, as these stickers scent only lasts 6 months. With the scratch and sniff coating applied to the sticker, the scent lasts many, many years.

I am requesting a quote for stickers to be printed in 4 color.
The stickers will be printed on 4.25 x 5.5 in sheets.
The stickers will be printed on matte paper.
There will be 12 round stickers on each sheet.
Each sticker will be 1.25 inches round.
I will provide the graphics. I have attached a picture of an example of a sheet of scratch and sniff stickers with 12 stickers on the sheet (which is what I want) .
I would like a quote for 1,000 sheets each of 10 different fragrances for a total of 10,000 sheets.
I will like individual bags for each sheet of stickers with a header card with the product name and company name. Thanks.