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First popular in our playgrounds about 20 years ago, Scoubidous is a craze that is
back big time. Made from thin strips of colourful plastic threads, Scoubidous
are woven together to create key rings, toys, bracelets and other accessories. They
may not be very ecologically sound, but they are attracting a new generation
of nimble-fingered kids and adults.

Now all over the world, schoolkids are competing with each other to see who can make
the funkiest Scoubi's and who can don the most. It is not unusual to see schoolkids
piling a dozen or more around their necks and then attaching another huge
bunch to bags and keys.

There are two main methods used to make them: the standard square way or the trickier
spiral version. A Secret Code has developed: according to Scoubiland, blue
and yellow means 'your secret is safe', red and orange is 'together forever' while
yellow plus blue means 'daft as a brush'. You'll find loads of inspiration and
instructions online and there's even a book, Scoubidou Fun by Lorraine Burn .
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