Sell scrap hms and used rails

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we are working direct with sellers nad yard owners for hms, used rails, scrap, weprovide best prices, prompt shipments, non transfarable lc, wecan supply asper demand in containers nad bulk, weneed buyers LOI with BCL not older than 3 days, brokers comm will be protected
Precision Alloys. (April 2006) Annual and Spot Scrap prices list

CIF Any Safe World Port

Quantity MT I Month
Product / Origin 30.000 60.000 90.000 120K ;150K =>180K
HMS1&2 (lSRI 200-206)
Central Europe $193 $193 $190 ask

HMS1 (ISRI 200-202)
Central Europe $198 $198 $195 ask

Used Rails ISRI 27 (R50-R65)
Central Europe $203 $203 $200 ask

The prices include one dollar comm. For brokers.
Contarct issued after BCL swift. or LOI+BCL not older than 3 days.

In case of an irrevocable, divisible 20-80 Usence LC payable 90 days after sight the procedure is as follows:

1. Contract is signed.
2. Buyer opens operative LC.
3. Seller presents documents for cashing the first 20%.
4. Buyer's bank SWIFTs confirmation of acceptance of these documents.
5. Seller posts 2% Performance Bond.
6. The ship is loaded. Buyer may attend loading port.
7. Seller presents documents to cash 80% of LC.
8. PB closes. Buyer's bank confirms payment is scheduled.
9. The shipment commences.

Other option is an irrevocable, unconditional Bang Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) + Telegraphic Transfer (TT) . The procedure looks as follows:

1. Contract is signed.
2. Buyer issues either Irrevocable Pre-advice or non-operative SBLC/BG.
3. Seller posts pre-advice of 2% Performance Bond.
4. The SBLC / BG is made operative.
5. PB is issued.
6. The ship is loaded. Buyer may attend to loading port.
7. PB closes.
8. Buyer TT's Total Contract Value against full shipping documents.
9. SBLC/BG is either returned or auto-expires.
10 The shipment commences.

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Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200000Mt anual
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30-45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage