Sell screw tap, dies, hole saw, saw blade

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TOTAL-CN TOOLS CO. , LTD. is producing and exporting metal working cutting tools as: Twist drill, DIN338 straight shank twist drill, DIN1897 straight shank stub drill, DIN340 straight shank long twist drill, ASME ANSI straight shank twist drill, DIN345 taper shank twist drill, twist drill set, extra long twist drill, HSS step twist drill, reduced shank twist drill, 1-4 inch hex shank twist drill, solid carbide twist drill, Screw taps and dies, ISO GB series taps, ASME ANSI B94. series taps, DIN series taps, ISO 2568 series dies, ASME ANSI B94.9 series dies, DIN 223 series, DIN 5158 series dies, Screw taps and dies set, HSS screw tap, dies, machine and hand round thread dies, adjustable round dies, Hole saw, hole saw set, Saw blade, circular saw blade, T. C. T circular saw blade, Center and double end drill, solid carbide center drill, Rotary files, Milling cutter, HSS milling cutter, keyway end mills, solid carbide milling cutter, solid carbide end mil, carbide coated milling cutter, solid carbide side and facing milling cutter, carbide brazed-on milling cutter, solid carbide double end mill, solid carbide slitting saw, Reinforced drill bits, HSS step drill, Reamer, solid carbide reamer, machine reamer, solid carbide cutter reamer, solid carbide small hole boring tool, HSS conical drill, Hole cutter.
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