Sell seafood

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Supply all kinds of dried seafood, There are 6 series, over 160 assortments of dried seafood with many kinds of packaging size. (10g/20g/30g/40g/50g/100g/200g)
Shrimp series: baked shrimp, dried shrimp, dried prawn, dried small shrimp, dried slipper lobster
Dried fish fillet series: yellow stripe trevally, dried anchovy, fried anchovy, dried tongue fish, baked eel fish, dried needle fish, dried yellow croaker, fish jam slice, fried icefish and so on.
Squid series: dried shredded squid, smoked squid ring, dried squid tentacle, dried squid wing, dried tentacle chip and so on.
Seaweed series: instant roasted seasoned seaweed, dried laminaria slice (kelp slice)
Shell series: instant conch slice, dried clam, dried mussel, dried scallop and so on.
Frozen dried seafood series: various seafood.
On the basis of fresh raw materials, our company can supply the very products according to the requirements about taste or quality standard of various clients from different countries with different consuming habits.