Sell sealed lead acid battery

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sealed lead acid battery with 6 series for different applications:

1. Standard battery series
Voltage: 2V, 4V ,6V, 8V, 12V
Capacity: 0.3AH TO 3000AH
Designed floating service life at 20 Centigrade or 68F ahrenheit:
FP type-5years
LFP type-10years
CFP type-18 years
Telecommunication equipments
Electronic instruments
Fire alarm and security devices
UPS systems
Emergency lighting

2. Long life battery series
Voltage: 6V, 12V
Capacity: 40AH to 250AH
Battery floating service life can target 12 years at 20 Centigrade and 68F ahrenheit
Telecommunication equipment
Electronic instruments
UPS systems

3. Deep cycle battery series
Capacity:5.0AH TO 250AH
Battery cycle life can target more than 350 cycles at 80% DOD at 20 Centigrade /68F ahrenheit
Electric powered vehicles
Golf cars and buggies
PDA equipment as laptop
computer, camera, phone sets, medical sets , power tools , lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners

4. High temperature battery series
Capacity: 12AH to 250 AH
Optimal battery performancecanbe expected at the ambient temperatures at 50 Centigrade/122F ahrenheit to 70 Centigrade/158F ahrenheit
Fire alarm systems
Solar lighting equipments
Outdoor telecommunication equipments

5. Gelled battery series
Voltage:2V, 6V, 12V
Capacity: 12AH to 3000AH
FP type :12V12AH to 12V28AH
LFP type :12V33AH to 12V250AH
CFP type: 2V100AH to 2V3000AH
Charge voltage:
Cycle use:2.30 to 2.35V/cell
Float use:2.25 to 2.30V/cell

6. Motor Cycle battery series
Firstpower motorcycle batteries include two types;
A. Conventional type :It is needed to check electrolyte level or add water to keep the electrolyte level at the middle ofmin, and max.
B. Innovative maintenance-free sealed type:It includes two series, one is dry charged maintenance-free sealed lead acid motorcycle batteries (with acid bottle) , the other is maintenance-free sealed valve regulated lead-acid motorcycle batteries (no acid bottle) .