Sell searchlight LK-ST1

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Model: LK-SDM2-2K 2kw
LK-SDM2-3K 3kw
LK-SDM2-4K 4kw
LK-SDM2-5K 5kw

Supply: 220VAC 50Hz
Lamp: Xenon,2kw,3kw,4kw,5kw
Waterproof: IP44
Overheat protection.
Overload protection
Short circuit protection
Voltage loss protection
LED electronic address setup and display.
Control: DMX512
Scan angle: Pan 3450, Tilt: 2300
Automatic feedback system: hotosensitive correction code to auto adjust and reposition.
dimmer: Linear light-adjusting
Strobe: 1-5t/s
Lamp switch: DMX512 control
Beam angle: Manual control angle 90-250
Color: CMY 3 colors(red, yellow, blue) +white
Channels: 8