Sell seaweed extract fertilizer ( kelp powder)

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Qingdao Haocheng Industrial Co. , Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and trader of specialized chemicals of industries and agroculture from china. The company core businesses for Plant & soil health include Seaweed extract and Humic acid, Potassium humate, Fulvic acid, Amino acid and other chemical fertlizer markets.

SOLUBLE SEAWEED EXTRACT is rich in trace elements and natural growth hormones. soluble seaweed extract is a natural, non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting fertilizer. seaweed extract improves the quality of all crops by strengthening cell walls and boosting the plant's natural resistance to disease and adverse environmental conditions. seaweed extract can act as a plant growth stimulant. The nutrients and trace elements in the soil can interact with ingredients in the seaweed extract to produce a crop response that balances the plant growth.
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