Sell security in vehicle/car blackbox accident data recorder with GPS

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BE2100 Car Dvr traveling data recorder

BE2100 Car Dvr traveling data recorder is a combination of video, audio technology, sensor technology, GPS technology, information technology as a whole new generation of vehicle traveling data recorder. Is designed to solve the motor vehicle is in motion the process of management, and traffic accident forensics.
The product passed of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) U. S. Federal Communications Commissionand CE (Communate Europpene, France) The EU's security certification.
1, To provide evidence for the accident
Install this product, be able to record the whole process of car driving video images and sound, the internal sensors can set the sensitivity of impact, when the external impact force greater than the set value, leading to the impact of the on-site data will be recorded .
2, Prevent fraudulent insurance acts
Many traffic accidents is due to violation caused by the installation of this product, 20 seconds before and after the accident, the scene can be a clear reproduction of the complete elimination of manufacturing counterfeit site for insurance behavior.
3, Stop the power also can be record
Parking can be up to 200 hours non-stop recording when the video information, if the malicious behavior of scratching the car, can be recorded product.
4, Observe the vehicle fuel consumption
Product link road computer, you can display icons injection duration, throttle opening, speed, engine rpm and other information, observing the vehicle fuel consumption.
1, Video images and sound records Products using high-resolution CMOS camera to record the whole process of traveling, even in the case of rain at night, but also to have a good visual effects. Products, built-in microphone, the voice of the car can be recorded.
(Set a choice of recording sound or not to record)
Data recorded in the SD card, even if the cause of the accident caused due to product damage, the data will still be able to save.
2, Recording speed and acceleration
Sensitive products within the speed and acceleration sensors, in the driving process, the speed was recorded immediately and from X (front and rear direction) , Y (left direction) , Z (up and down direction) of acceleration.
3, Precise positioning through GPS System Products built-in GPS receiver, real-time to receive GPS location information, and browse through the supplied software displays maps and driving routes.
4, When you connected with Odometer
you can record speed, engine speed, fuel injection duration, throttle position, brake signals and other information.
5, Product support 2 channel
You can connect a rearview camera, video playback software at the same time playing around.
6, Emergency Records
In the event of exceptional circumstances, you can press the emergency button to record.
7, Data Download
The SD card reader connected to the PC, the data can be easily downloaded to the PC, to save
8, Format
Video data can be easily converted into a common AVI format can be used in IE or other browsers to play.
9, Printing
Image data can be easily on-line printing.
10, Video output
Products have video output interface, you can connect via video cable to the car DVD or video interface car device, use the remote to play the video recording.
For Customers
1, City Taxi, long-distance passenger and freight operating companies and automobile
2, Car rental companies
3, With the insurance awareness of the individual users
Installation is simple and convenient, direct adhesion to the former windshield, the installation is completed.
Can be connected to cigarette lighter power supply, can also be powered through the ECU unit.
Products provide a dedicated data connection cable to connect ECU unit, to obtain engine information. Personal users can not connect ECU unit.
Supply Capacity
3000 pcs per month
ce fcc
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
5 days
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