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From a very reputable company in Izmir - Turkey, with 10 years experience in the raisin field, we offer high quality, sun dried raisins (sultanas) and apricots

We have dark to golden brown (8,9,10) color grades and from Ready to Use(RTU) to C cleaning types(RTUA, B, C) available in almost any packaging. We sell Natural (sun dried) and Golden (yellow) raisins.

Our company is ISO and HACCP certified and all have state of the art cleaning and packaging equipment.
here is the specification of our product
Turkish Sultanas Raisins can be sourced at the competitive terms. Please find below the details:

1. Standard Berry Count: Bake Five or 9 : 360-380 (+/- 5%)

Sultanas have to be produced by HACCP or BRC Standards.

Criteria: Limits:

1.1 Foreign Matters/box
Insect or pieces of insect-pcs NIL
Seeds-pcs NIL
E V M -g NIL
Glass, metallic fragments or NIL
other visible foreign bodies-pcs
stone free (>2mm) -g/ton NIL
embedded grit/stone (<2mm) -pcs/ton 1
stalks free (4-10mm) -pcs 1
stalks attached (4-10mm) -pcs 2
stalks free (>10mm) -pcs 1
stalks attached (>10mm) -pcs 1

1.2. Defects / 100g

capstems attached 2
capstems free NIL
shrivelled berries % 1.5
damaged berries % 2.0
sugared berries %
before May NIL
after May 1.0
mouldy berrries 1.0

2. Chemical Requirements :

2.1. Moisture target 13%, max 15%
2.2. SO2 content
natural sultanas NIL

2.3. Vegetable Oil max 0.5%in weight
(TPY 17 type, GMO free, shelf life 12 months)

3. Microbiological Requirements:

3.1. Total Viable Count target < 10000/g
3.2. Yeast & Mould Count <10000/g, target < 1000/g
3.3. Coliform & E. coli <10/g
3.4. Salmonella Negative

4. Ochratoxina:

Max 7.5 ppb (2.5 lower than COMMISION REGULATION (EC) NO: 472/2002)

5. Pesticide & Heavy Metal Residues & Allergens
Complying with EEC legislation and the legal aspects / regulations of the final
country which raw material will be consumed.

6. GMO Statement:
Our product is GMO free and contains no derivatives from Maize or Soya.

7. Packaging:
Sultanas are packed in polyethylene bags inside staples free cardboard boxes.
Liners are folded as such to prevent sultanas from contacting to outer carton.
Cartons are clearly marked according to Turkish Standard Regulations TS S1110
and Buyer's requirements. Net weight is 12.5 kg/14 kg or any other weight as required.
All sealed boxes are passed thorugh a metal detector. The carton is made of recyclable material.

8. Fumigation:
Container is fumigated immediately prior to shipment with phostoxin
(1 degest Plate - 33 m/3) .

If you are interested in our products please contact us by e-mail or fax.
Supply Capacity
up to 2000 tons
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1*20 fcl
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T