Buy seeking a reliable source for Clinker cement.

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To whom it may concern:

We are currently seeking a reliable source for Clinker cement. We require 3x 40,000 m/t port of origin either India or Brazil FOB. We will contract at 120,000 m/t monthly for 12 months with the possibility to extend the terms. Our target price is at $33.0 usd per m/t.

We are currently seeking a reliable source for MET and PET coal.

The Clinker cement technical specifications are:

Coumpound average weight % Min and % Max
C3S+ C2S70-
Free Lime 1,5  2,5
Mg 01  3.0
Alkalis Factor 0,60,40,8
Moisture 0,5  0,8
Bulk Density 120011001300

Physical Parameters Maximum
Clinker size over 30 mm 10%
Clinker size under 1 mm 10%
Bulk density (g/litter) 1300
Formulas for chemical specifications of the clinker:
C3S= 4. O71 * CaO -7,6 * SiO2-6, 718 * Al203-1,43 * Fe203
C2S= 2,867 * SiO2  0,7544 * C3S
C3A= 2,65 * Al203  1,692 *Fe203
C4AF= 3,043 *Fe203
Alkalis Factor = Na2O + 0,658 * K2O
Chemical analysis according: ISO 680:1990 or ASTM C-114 and ABNT NM00011e
NM00013 standards.

Many prices quoted by sellers include commission built in for buyer and seller's side; therefore please include if there are any commissions built into your price.

*** As you are well aware at times better quality and at times better pricing. Specifications/ conditions/ pricing vary between contracts. Please feel free to send me whatever you may have as I may be able to find interested parties.

If you have any further questions or there is an interest on your part kindly contact me.

Thank you,
Eyal Sar-Shalom
Trend marketing