Sell self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor

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ZHIYUE brand of self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor made of the advanced metallized film, is produced strictly in accordance with the national standard and IEC standard by the introduced advanced foreign techniques and equipment. the device is suitable for low voltage power network to improve power factor, reduce reactive loss and better tne voltage quality.
main characteristics
1, small wolume , light weight and convenient installation. Its volume and weight are only 1/4and 1/5 of the old product because of the using of a new dielectric metallized polypropylene film and special design.
2, low loss, lettle radiation and low temperature rise.
the new gold-spray process makes and unique metallized poly upropylene film with thickened aino-aluminum edge, the capacitor passessed with good property of surge-proof. the real figure is lower than 0.008%, so the loss of the capacitor itself is extremely low, the heat it gives out is little and the rise of temperature is low, so its service life is very ling and it can save energy at the same time.
3. escellent self-healing performance
when a part of the capacitor is olation is fed through due to the over voltage it is capable of self-healing so as to continue the normal operation, there tore the reliability is improved greatly.
4, safety
equipped with self-discharging resistant and safety devices inside, it is safe and reliable.
5, No oil leakage, no-toxic and environment protection
in order to avoid oil leakage during operation so as to protect the environment , it employs the microcry stalline wax as the imppregnant , which remains solid atordinary temperature and has a drip melting point higher the 70 degrees. the unique soaking process has made the capacitor possess both the structure of dry capacitor and theadvantages of impregnated capacitor.