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Production description:
The MFB type self priming pump is our latest products independently developed, it is the first item for the domestic product and it fills the gap in China, the technical level reached advanced international standard. Its main features are: leak-free, Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, structural reliability, long life, maintenance-free etc.
This series pumps are widely used in pumping and discharging the industrial water in power plant, Oxidized steel skin liquid in steel mills, acid-base liquid, salt water, clean water, backwashing water, fire water, rainwater, sewage, desulfurization waste water and other liquids.

1, Hydrodynamic seal, leak-free. Replaced the traditional mechanical seal and Packing seal, complete elimination of the leakage problems. Eliminate the trouble of frequent replacement and routine maintenance.
2, High reliability, long service life. Because of:
A. The sealing device is clearance fit, complete elimination of the Friction and wear damage on the sealing parts.
B. The special materials overflow parts are made by special materials, reasonable structure, Corrosion resistance, wear resistance.
C. The pump body is connected with the motor by a rigid coupling, pump body without bearings inside.
D. Equipped with special motor, high reliability, reasonable structure, high stability.
3, Fine appearance, vertical structure, small floor space.
4, Self priming functions. Pump body and impeller hydraulic model using the most optimal design, advanced performance, high efficiency, low Required NPSH, and high suction lift.
5, High stability, little vibration, low noise, need not fixed anchor bolt, convenient and fast installation and adjustment.
6, The pump can be equipped with intelligent pump controller, which features automatic start and stop according to liquid level, overload alarm and timely monitoring and other functions, can realize unmanned operation, automatic operation.
7, Pump specially designed to eliminate the radial force during operation, so that pump to run more smoothly.
8, Almost no wearing parts, do not require additional clean lubrication water and routine maintenance. Greatly reduces maintenance costs and labor intensity, can be realized mobile inspection, unmanned operation.
9, the costs of operation and maintenance less than one-ten of the traditional pumps, but the service life is 5 times more than the traditional pumps.
10, This series pumps are ideal update pumps to instead of the traditional long-axis pumps, axial flow pump, single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, pipeline pump, and sewage pumps etc. especially for the power plants and steel mills and other enterprises
Brand Name
Benteng pump
Supply Capacity
10000 per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 sets
Terms of Payment
Warranty Coverage
three years