Sell sell: cabling machine for tire cord or carpet yarn

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1. The single spindle is controlled, single spindle count long, have louder to arrive spindles.
2. Interactive interface, abopt PLC industrial digitized control system.
3. Finish 2 shares of yarn cable in one step to rotate.
4. Can use silk one that the cotton mill came directly on the yarn shelf.
5. Compared with traditional preparation method, because save the labor cost, decrease the energy consumption and raise the earth's surface and room utilization ratio, there is this that saves investment at least 50%.
6. Control the length of the yarn per share from start to finish in the course of processing.
7. Produce the noise level of the bottom at a high speed.
8. Higher yarn efficiency.
9. Measure a magnitude of putting accuratly.
10. Do not produce the waste yarn.
11. Can produce loud one put.
12. Through the system of starting, operate more simple and more convenient.
13. Online information reveals.
14. Spindle device of the activity.
15. The part of the aircraft nose adopts the servo electrical machinery of Siemens, the spindle adopts the application of the high rotational speed, high frequency electrical machinery, dependability, useful.

Technical Specification

No. of spindies 152spindles (8 spindles/section)
Spindle gauge 500mm
Spindle speed 8000-10000r/min
Twist range 200-600t/m
Twist direction Z or S
Apply Range
PA, PES, Rayou
Spindle size 260W254mm(10#) 230W305mm(12#)
Take-up size L254W310mm