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Syringe pump BM-501

Name︰ Syringe pump BM-501
Model No. ︰ BM-501
Brand Name︰ BM-
Country of Origin︰ China

Product Description

1. Designed according to IEC standard.
2. Body Weight Mode.
Dose Rate: 0.01 to 99.99ug/kg/min
0.01 to 99.99mg/kg/h
Body Weight: 0.1 to 300kg
Drug Volume: 0.1 to 999mg
Solution Volume:0.1 to 999ml
3. KVO rate.
4. Anti Bolus.
5. Match as many as 13 kinds of diffirent syringe brands.
6. Syringe size: 20ml,30ml,50/60ml.
7. Alarm: Syringe dislocated, syringe disengaged, near empty, empty, OCCLUSION, VTBI finished, Main power failure, Low battery, Battery empty, Reminder, Repeat