Sell sell Fiberglass adhesive mesh fabric

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Fiberglass adhesive mesh fabric is on the basis of woven fiberglass mesh and then coated with anti-alkaline resin and contact adhesive material. Its an idea material for EIFS work. Also the mesh could be used to cover foam shapes. Softness is an key factor in the application. High resin content, strong adhesion, softness and stable fracture will make your work perfect.
1) Mesh size: 2.85x2.85mm, 4x4mm,4x5mm, 5x5mm, 6x6mm
2) Weave: leno
2) Weight: 60g, 75g, 122g, 145g, 160g, 300g
3) 38x150, 48x150, 36x150
4) Color: As your requirements.
5) Softness: As your requirements.

Inner Packing: Ploy bag with label inside, then shrink packed.
Shipment Packing: 2rolls or 4rolls per carton, 30rolls per pallet.