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Main Performance
1. Diesel Engine Compact in structure and convenient for carry and transport. Enable quick and safe engine inspection and maintenance.
2. Easy to start with its light-pull recoil starter and electric starting is also a useful option.
3. Special balancer shaft inside reduces the vibration to a minimum and makes its running more stably and smoothly.
4. Low noise and stable running . its fan cover made by low noise com-posited steel and specially designed large exhaust muffler combine to form a silent machine. Unique balancer shaft diminishes the vibration.
5. Efficient air cleaner system. High-performance air-filtering structure device suitable for various environment. In short, special for long-term work on any rough dusty worksite.
6. Recoil manual starter. a short and smooth pull of the toggle kicks off the engine, as simple as its gasoline cousin. It is made easy by a special auto return decompressor and efficient combustion system. Electric starting is also a useful option.
7. Effect of Nozzle Design on HC-Emissions
8. Compact in structure and small in size. With tough but light-weight alloy used for main engine parts, and extra tough crankshaft and overall simplified structure the JINLONGTENG is a compact package power.
9. Direct injection combustion system
Its advanced direct fuel injection system adopting minimized pump and nozzle insures long life and provides for low fuel consumption, easy starting, quiet running and low operating costs.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
ISO9001, CCEE for security
Available Colors
Model Number
27kg 33kg 48kg