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Processing ingredient ACR for PVC is ACR copolymer, and is the external lubricating type and fusing promoting type processing modifier, which is mainly used to improve the processing property and impact property of PVC. Meanwhile, it has excellent weatherability.

Range of applications:
1) Processing ingredient is popularly suitable for rigid, semi-rigid and soft PVC
2) It receives more visible additive effect on rigid PVC product, especially for injection
moulded items and secondary processed products, and is very suitable for tubular
goods, for example extruded plate, profile shapes, blow extruded film, blow and
injection moulded item and foaming product
3) General dosage: 1-3phr, and it is 3-6phr in injection moulded item

Application characteristics:
1) Increases the liquidity of material, decreases processing temperature, shortens
processing time, and realizes the mixing uniformly
2) Improves the stability and bath strength of PVC
3) Has proportional wall thickness and bright surface, it improves the dimensional
accuracy and whiteness of finished product
4) Improves heat stability and weatherability
5) Removes bad phenomena of tapping and degassing
6) Increases leg strength

Storage and transportation:
1) It must be stored far from flame and heat sources, avoid from insolating and
2) Do not transport them together with toxicant and lyotrope
3) Stored in clear, shady and dry warehouse with storage period of 1 year
4) Can be used if passes the checking after 1 year

1) Impact ACR is a kind of ACR polyer with special putamen structure
2) This kind of product can make RPVC have higher impact resistance and good
weatherability, and can be widely used for the production of various
nontransparent rigid PVC products, including plastic profile shapes, tubular
products and fittings

Packing, transportation and storage:
1) Impact modifier ACR adopts outside polypropylene woven bag packing with inner
liner of plastic film bag
2) Avoid solarization at high temperature while transportation. Rain is forbidden

Quality technical standard of impact ACR:
1) Impact ACR has high impact resistance, excellent weatherability, good plastifying
effect, wide processing range, small heating shrinkage ratio and good surface
2) Recommended dosage: 4-8phr

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