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1. The products are widely used in metaullurgy, pertroleum, chemistrical industry, textile and such's temperature messure with the characters of convient using, convient keeping, solid, surgeproof and so on.

2. type name and main technical parameter

section: The first section
bit code definition
First bit W Temperature messure meter
Second bit S Metal swell thermometer
Third bit S Temperature sensitive components as the thermal double sheet metal
Forth bit X Connecting point with elertric
Forth bit / Single indicate

The second section
First bit 3 Shape diameter 60mm
First bit 4 Shape diameter 100mm
First bit 5 Shape diameter 150mm
Second bit 0 type Axial type
Second bit 1 type Lateral type
Second bit 2 type 130° type
Third bit 0 Install model No fixed installation
Third bit 1 Install model Movalbe outside screw
Third bit 2 Install model Movable inside screw
Third bit 3 Install model Fixed outside screw
Third bit 4 Install model Fixed flange
Third bit 5 Install model Bulgy installation
Forth bit J Outdoor type(AL alloy carapace)
Forth bit JW Antiseptic type(titanium alloy protective pipe)
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