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Cored wire
Category: CaFe cored wire, pure Ca cored wire, CaSi cored wire, TiFe cored wire, C cored wire, CaAl cored wire, Ca-Si-Ba cored wire, Ca-Si-Ba-Al cored wire, etc.
Function of cored wires
1. Wire feeding technology can make fine adjustment of the chemistry of metal(For example:B&Ti) . Wire feeding technology can also increase alloy element's recycling rate . (Ca up to 30%) .
2. The steel liquid treated by wire feeding technology is stable and well-mixed . Secondary oxidation will be avoided . The mixture will speed up to float . The steel liquid will be clear and well mixed .
3. Wire feeding can prevent air being brought into the steel liquid .
4. Wire feeding technology has goog adaptability , need small investment , and has good application range.
5. Wire feeding technology need simple facilities , simple operation, and is environment tally triendly .
Quality of cored wire: Fastening wrap, without leaking powder, no fold line, no weak line, no empty line, well-propotioned powder density and bright surface without smear.
Packing: Plastic shrink (anti-proof) +cage(steel-structured) +pallet, or packing according to the special requirements.
The above cored wire can be produced as per national standards or just according to clients'detailed requirements.