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DaoQ nail heads have most colors in the market; it has best shining and brightness. Now it has 52 colors and 48 shapes, it also includes shapes like ring, square, heart, moon, star, hexagon, oval, eyelet, drop, rectangle and so on.
"Color shades: The colors of the nail heads are always the same, but there is color difference when use products of different batch of products. We suggest not to mixed products of different times.
Glue brand: Swarovski hot fix glue
Glue color: Dark gray
Glue Fastness: 50 times water wash guaranteed
Applying ways:
1. Home iron: 130C, 10 seconds, press from front side, the back side with sponge as cushion.
2. Heat Presser: 130c, 7 seconds, press from front side.
3. Ultrasonic Applicator, to apply on non-flat surface one by one.
To make motif:
Suggest using DaoQ high quality silicon hot fix paper, it is safe for delicate clothes and guaranteed for long distance transport.
The DaoQ thin grid hot fix paper is much more economic choice, it is good for long distance transport. But for it has strong glue, it may hurt when apply on delicate clothes or clothes with printing or other transfers.
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1000 gross
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