Sell sell HDPE film used for breeding

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"Kuanruo" HDPE impervious membrane adoption excellent Polyethylene material, primary component is about 97.5% high density polyethylene, and about 2.5% carbide, resist aging material, resist oxidation material, ultraviolet ray absorbent, stability additive, etc, three layer makes.

physical and mechanical properties good, tearing strength high, tensile-strength is high, resist puncture, resist plant root ageing resistance , uvioresistant , endure oil , salt , acid and alkali, corrosion prevention, endure high and low temperature, innocuity, long using life waterproof , impervious, good dampproof, complete types, low cost , construct easily

Using field:
1. environmental protection, sanitation (such as landfill, waste water treatment, toxic and harmful chemicals disposal sites, storage of dangerous goods, industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, etc. )
2. water (such as impervious, stop water loss, and reinforcing of lakes, and the impervious, slope protection, etc. )
3. municipal projects (underground subway, engineering underground and reservoirs on the roof, and the park on the roof, the lining in the sewage pipes, etc)
4. garden (artificial lakes, ponds, the lining of tank in golf course, slope protection, etc)
5. petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, oil tank of fill stations, chemical reactions pond, the lining of settling basin, second lining, etc)
6. mining (washing and selecting pool, heap pool, ashery, dissolving pool, settling basin, stock dump, lining of tailing pond, etc)
7. means of transportation(strengthening of foundation , antiseepage of culvert)
8. agriculture (reservoirs, drinking water tank , water storage pond, irrigation systems)
9. aquaculture(fish ponds, the lining of breeding shrimp tank, slope protection of sea slug tank)
10. salt industry(crystallization pond, thatch of salt pond, salt membrane, plastic thatch of salt pond )