Sell sell Nd-Low-RE Oxide

sell Nd-Low-RE Oxide
Nd-Low-RE Oxide
Description:Nd-Low-RE Oxide is yellow-brown powder. It is used to produce
polish powder
Description:Nd-Low-RE Oxide is insoluble in water and soluble in violent
Packing:In plastic woven bag with inner double PVC bags of 50kg or 1000kg
net each, as well as according to customers requirements.

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1, La Products, 2, Ce Products, 3, Pr Products, 4, Nd Products, La-Ce-RE Chloride Products, 6, EU Low RE Product, 7, Nd Low RE Products, 8, Specified Rare Earth Products, 9, Individual RE Metal, 10, RE Mischmetal, 11, Specified Rare Earth Metal
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